Mirax park, Moscow
By Maxim Temnikov

In business since 2012, we are a new generation land development and construction management company. Driven by the passion to make the best living experience attainable at an affordable price, and powered by our proprietary building methods, we are designing, developing, and building conceptually new neighborhoods and properties to meet the America’s wants and needs in the upcoming centuries.

Changing the way people


Proprietary products and master plans to build properties at lesser cost and at superior speed

work together

Shared knowledge to maximize cost-benefit efficiency and decrease time-to-market for all


Health-conscious and tech-centric properties and communities focused on Millennials and Gen-Z

Key People

Each of our key people brings a unique blend of leadership, vision, expertise, and creative energy to fuel our company’s progress.

Max Temnikov


Paulina Carney


Jonathan Barker




Innovation is taking a new approach to a well known thing - We live and work to develop new, proprietary products and methods to build better properties faster and more efficiently.


Life is about a contribution to the humanity - We live and work to touch people’s hearts with value that contributes to the betterment of the world in general and everyone’s life in particular.


Making our neighborhoods better together is easier and faster - We live and work to learn and make new things and share our knowledge and our products with others, so together we can build a better lifestyle for all.


United we stand - Combined real-estate development and technology expertise for upgrading America s neighborhoods to meet wants and needs of XXI Century.